<![CDATA[Christine Roca, IBCLC - Blog]]>Mon, 12 Jul 2021 23:00:35 -0400Weebly<![CDATA[Getting Started on Clubhouse]]>Mon, 10 May 2021 21:49:12 GMThttp://thebreastfeeding.club/blog/getting-started-on-clubhouseWhether you're excited about your invite finally arriving or you're reluctantly joining another social media platform, you probably have questions about this Clubhouse thing. (I know I did!) Here are some tips for folks just starting out. Keep in mind that Clubhouse is updated more frequently than this blog, so some things might have changed. 

Getting Started with Clubhouse
  1. Pick a username. This can be anything, but most people use their real name or their business name. For consistency’s sake, you can also use your Instagram or Twitter handle.
  2. Your legal name should be just that...or at least what you want people to call you. This is the name that appears in bold under your profile pic and is what people will use when they call on you to speak. If you use your business or creator name, please minimize the awkwardness by including your real name at the top of your bio or even in your photo.
  3. Choose a profile pic that shows your face. Even though this is an audio app, people still want to see who they’re listening to. If you want to get creative with your pic, Kapwing has a great tutorial. https://www.kapwing.com/resources/how-to-make-a-custom-clubhouse-profile-picture/
  4. Edit your bio. This is the only way people can learn anything about you. Clubhouse is all about networking and making connections. Let your bio reflect who you are as a person. Spend some time scanning other people’s bios to get an idea of what to include. There’s no right or wrong and you can edit it as often as you like.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • The first 3 lines are the most valuable real estate. That’s the “above the fold” portion that people see right away when they tap your photo.
  • If your first name is frequently mispronounced, include a phonetic spelling within the first 5 lines to increase the chances of proper pronunciation. Some people even use the phonetic spelling as their creator name.
  • Connect your IG and/or Twitter accounts. Those are the only clickable links and the only way to message people. You can include FB/email/etc. in your bio, but since they won’t be hyperlinked, it’s less likely that people will use them to connect with you.
  • Everything in your bio is searchable. Think about what your potential followers are searching for and include those keywords in your bio.
  • Emojis are also searchable! Sprinkle them throughout your bio.
  • Put a space between emojis and text so that screen readers can properly read the text.

  • You don’t have to be on stage as a speaker if you don’t want to (even if the mods invite you up). It is understood that most people are multitasking while on CH and not everyone is in a space where they can talk. No one will be offended by you just listening in.
  • When you do go onstage, mute your mic immediately by tapping on the microphone icon. Unmute when it’s your turn to speak.
  • Many rooms have a “one mic” rule where only one person speaks at a time. Some rooms (usually the smaller ones) allow everyone to speak freely, but until you are certain of that room’s etiquette, assume one mic.
  • Some rooms (usually the larger ones) will have a speaking queue. Be respectful (and patient) and follow that order when you’re on stage.
  • You can enter and leave rooms whenever you want. There is no expectation to stay for any minimum length of time.
  • If you see people flashing their mics, it’s the CH version of applause or support.
  • If you see a red phone icon on a speaker’s pic, it means they’ve got a phone call and can’t speak on CH at that moment.
  • Some people will change their profile pic during a conversation to share a related visual or show solidarity.
  • “PTR” means “pull to refresh.” Just pull down on your screen to update the room. It will rearrange the speakers so that all moderators are listed first. It will also update any profile pic changes.

  • Follow lots of people and clubs. The more you follow, the more rooms the algorithm will open up for you. Don’t know who to follow? Enter your interests in the search bar; anyone who has that in their bio (or club description) will show up. Follow anyone you’d like to connect with.
  • When you’re in a room, follow every speaker who provides value to you. Also check the bios of other people in the audience to see who else you’d like to follow.
  • The icons at the very bottom of a bio are the clubs that a person follows. You can tap those icons to see the club description & members.
  • Diversify the voices and topics you listen to. You’ll learn new perspectives and keep your Hallway from becoming an echo chamber.
  • You’ll know you’re in a room hosted by a club when you see words with a little green house above the room title. You can tap on the club name to learn more about the club and follow it. When you follow a club, you’ll get notifications every time the club hosts a room.
  • When you’re in your main feed (aka your Hallway), you can click on the little dots in the bottom right corner of your screen to see what rooms your followers are in right now.
  • Entering a room is like slipping into the back row of a conference presentation that’s already in session. You are automatically in listening mode. If you want to speak, raise your hand by pressing the hand icon at the bottom of the screen. 
  • If you want other people to join you in a room, press the + at the bottom of the screen and search their names to “ping” them. Can’t remember someone’s name? Search those keywords or emojis.
  • You can use other apps while on CH. Unlike other apps that require your full attention, CH encourages multitasking.

Hope this helps you get the most out of your newest social media addiction. Happy chatting!]]>